Pants With Purpose

Everyday essentials made simple, sustainable and purposeful

We spoke to and 3 things became clear.

  1. 1

    We hate shopping for our pants.
    High street, big brands, hanging on till Christmas…

    Just make this easy for us!

  2. 2

    Most of us hold onto our pants waaaay past their wear-by date.

    *Fact – On average guys keep their pants for 3-4 years – gross

  3. 3

    We’re over having someone else’s name printed on our waistband.

    Why should Calvin get all the profit?

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Pick your style

One style for launch.
That was easy :)
Women’s coming very soon

We’re using sustainably sourced organic cotton. Good for you, good for the the planet!

Step 2

Pick your colour

Black or black for now.
(The world is complicated enough)

Step 3


Choose how many. 
Choose how often. 
We take care of the rest.
First orders through Kickstarter!

  • 3 months

    You're the F.R.E.S.H Prince of Pants!

  • 6 months

    Your lover will approve

  • 9 months

    Living on the edge
    (but still good)

  • Or just buy as you go


Try on one pair, and if for any reason you decide you don't like them, simply send both pairs back with the second pair unopened and we'll refund you for both.

Buy pants, save lives


It’s not just about the pants, it’s what’s underneath that matters. Each pack will contain a gentle reminder to check yourself and raise awareness.

Remember that purpose bit?


of all profits go
to charity

We’re supporting the charities supporting your crown jewels. Raising cash and awareness to help identify, treat and eliminate as many of these nasties as we can.

Pants With Purpose

Fund us on Kickstarter today and let’s make a big difference with your smalls

Fund us on Kickstarter today, and let’s make a big difference with your smalls. 🍒 👌